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Name:Addie Sands
Birthdate:Jun 7
History: Addie is a spunky girl from Omaha, Nebraska. After graduating from the University of Nebraska, she decided, like countless others, to try her hand at a singing career. So she packed up and headed to Los Angeles* where she bartended for five years and occasionally played some acoustic sets.

Addie saw a lot of success on YouTube. Two of her videos reached over one million views. She launched a website for herself to sell her music directly to fans and sold a decent amount of CDs. She signed with an agent and soon after signed with a label for a single album recording deal with the chance for more if she sold well. She's been on multiple tours, she has two albums, a Grammy award for best new artist, and she's been on the majority of the late night circuit, including Conan, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and SNL.

Personality: Genuine, honest, and upbeat are three words that can describe Addie at any time. She accepts the cards that life has handed her, and likes to make the best out of what she has. Rarely does she get upset, though if she does, it's for a very good reason. She'll tease people, but never cruelly; she jokes as often as she can.

She's openly bisexual and is open to flings and dating. After many years of only looking for a fun time, she's finally interested in getting serious again. Though she hasn't completely outgrown her flings yet.

Always open to different experiences and frameworks, Addie will try anything once (and if she likes it will definitely go back for seconds).

*Los Angeles can easily be substituted for New York if that's where your character lives.

Recently: Her third album will be released soon and she's gearing up for a short fall tour before spending the winter (hopefully) working on a musical with some of her musician and lyricist friends.

Addie is open for verses, just send me a message if you're interested in starting one!

Mun and muse are over 25.

Just a roleplaying journal. I have no connections to Mandy Moore and mean her no disrespect by using her face for my character. Addie Sands is a completely original character.
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